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Joint Statements by TPP Leaders, 2010-present

Trans-Pacific Partnership Leaders Statement at APEC (November 12, 2011)

Official Trade Ministers' Report to TPP Leaders (November 12, 2011)

"Enhancing Trade and Investment, Supporting Jobs, Economic Growth, and Development: Outlines of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement" (Background Paper to Official Trade Ministers' Report, November 2011)

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As of the third round of TPP talks in October 2010, Malaysia has become a full negotiating member of the prospective agreement.


FTAs to Date

Malaysia-Chile Free Trade Agreement

Malaysia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement


Official Positions

Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry

USTR Report on Malaysia's Trade Barriers 2009
USTR Report on Malaysia's Trade Barriers 2010

Activist Sites

Malaysia on bilaterals.org

FTA Malaysia.org

Business Lobbies

The American-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM)

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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FTAs to Date

The P4 Agreement
Australia-NZ Closer Economic Relationship (Goods)
Australia-NZ Closer Economic Relationship (Services)

NZ-Singapore Closer Economic Partnership (ANZSCEP)

NZ TPP Texts

NZ's proposed IPR chapter for TPP (Feb 2011)

Official Position/Resources

NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

NZ US Relations and NZUSFTA  (NZ Embassy)

Case for a model FTA between US & NZ (Bergsten & Scollay)

5 Good Reasons for a US FTA

NZ Parliamentary debates on US /P4

History of previous NZ-US Trade Negotiations: New Zealand 2005
National Interest Analysis of the P4 Agreement (July 2005)
Archive of submissions to MFAT on proposal for TPP negotiations
List of all submissions made


USTR's report of NZ's Foreign Trade Barriers (2009)

USTR's report on NZ's Foreign Trade Barriers (2010)

Activist Sites
NZ on bilaterals.org
Arena (Action, Research and Education Network of Aotearoa)
Our World Is Not For Sale (anti NZ/USA FTA)
Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA)

New Zealand Not For Sale
The Save The Farms Campaign

Business Links

US-NZ Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)
NZ US Business Council
NZ Pacific Business Council

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Official information and trade documents and treaties for Australia can be found on this page.

Previous Australian FTAs

Australia-Chile FTA
Australia-US FTA
Australia-NZ CER (Goods)
Australia-NZ CER (Services)
Australia-Singapore FRA (SAFTA)


Australian Activist Sites

Australia on bilaterals.org

AFTINET - Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network

Global Trade Watch (Australia)


Official Sites

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Submissions to the Australian government on participation in TPP negotiations

Ministerial Statement on the Trans Pacific Partnership (26 November 2008)

DFAT Update on First Round of Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations (13 April 2010)

Australian Productivity Commission Draft Report on Regional and Bilateral Trade Agreeements (16 July 2010)

USTR report on Australian Trade Barriers, 2009
USTR report on Australian Trade Barriers, 2010
Business Lobbies

Australian-US Chamber of Commerce

Australian Business Council
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FTAs to Date
Australia-US FTA
US-Chile FTA
US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
US-Singapore FTA
US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement

US Trade Policy

US Trade Policy 2009

Obama’s statements on trade

Obama’s pre-election foreign policy

Statements and Releases by USTR and government officials on TPP
Letter to President Obama from 54 representatives urging a new direction on trade talks (26 February 2009)

Letter to President Obama from 45 representatives urging continuation of TPP negotiations (10 March 2009)

The Trade Reform, Accountability, Development and Employment (TRADE) Act
The TRADE Act was reintroduced for the 2009-2010 US Congressional legislative session on 24 June 2009 by Rep. Mike Michaud (D-Maine) with 106 original cosponsors. It was backed by a letter of support from over 350 US-based civil society organisations. A summary of the TRADE Act is available here.

The 2009 National Trade Estimate on Foreign Trade Barriers (official publication of the USTR office. Includes 'hit list' dossiers on all TPP negotiator countries)

Full list of submissions received on the Proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement


USTR: USTR Begins TPP Talks In Australia (15 March 2010)

Ask The Ambassador: Trade with New Zealand, Trans-Pacific Partnership (15 March 2010)
USTR TPP Negotiations Update: Day Two (16 March 2010)
USTR TPP Negotiations Update: Day Three (17 March 2010)

USTR TPP Negotiations Update: Day Four (18 March 2010)

USTR: USTR Negotiators Report Successful First Round of Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks (19 March 2010)
USTR: Remarks by Ambassador Ron Kirk at the US Chamber of Commerce for World Trade Week (18 May 2010)
USTR World Trade Week Event: USTR's TPP Online Chat (21 May 2010)

Readout on Day One of San Fran TPP talks (14 June 2010)
Readout on Day Two of San Fran TPP talks (15 June 2010)
Readout on Day Three of San Fran TPP talks (16 June 2010)
Readout on Day Four of San Fran TPP talks (17 June 2010)

USTR Update on Brunei TPP talks (7 October 2010)

USTR Update on Brunei TPP talks: Part Two (8 October 2010)

USTR: Speech by Ron Kirk to National Bureau of Asian Research on TPP and APEC (31 March 2011)

Letter by Senators Sherrod Brown and Jon Kyl to President Obama urging strong regulation of state-owned enterprises in TPP (8 August 2011)

Letter by Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro to USTR urging strong food security measures in TPP (7 September 2011)

Letter to USTR by 35 senators urging strong IPR protection of biologics in TPP (12 September 2011)

USTR: Trade Enhancing Access To Medicines (12 September 2011)

Senate Speech by Senator Bernie Sanders on Unfettered Free Trade (October 12 2011)

House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committee letters to USTR urging Japan's exclusion as negotiating partner (November 8 2011)

Letter from Senator Carl Levin to President Obama urging Japan's exclusion from TPP (November 9 2011)

Press Briefing by Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs Mike Froman on APEC and TPP (November 12 2011)

Press Briefing by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest and CEOs of Johnson & Johnson, Caterpillar, and Google on APEC and TPP (November 12 2011)

Readout by the Press Secretary of President Barack Obama's meeting with Prime Minister Noda of Japan (November 12 2011)

Remarks by President Obama in meeting with TPP leaders (November 12 2011)

USTR Statement on Announcements from Mexico or Canada Regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (November 13 2011)

Proposed Amendment by Senator Ron Wyden on TPP Transparency (March 2012)

Activist Links

The US (P4/TPP) on bilaterals.org
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

Forum on Democracy and Trade
Online petition on White House site to end TPPA negotiations (November 25 2011)

Business Links

Emergency Committee for American Trade
US Chamber of Commerce
Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce
US National Council of Textile Organisations (NCTO)
Coalition of Service Industries
Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA)
International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA)
National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC)


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